A crisis will never happen in our port or terminal. Is that so?

Hoping a crisis never happens is not realistic. The question is not if a crisis will happen, the question is: when will disaster strike? Ports and Terminals better be prepared for calamities, since someday in the future a crisis will happen. Modern ports are industrial clusters combining stevedoring with industrial activities and logistics, they are so much more than stevedoring facilities. Several studies have shown that port labour is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Good crisis management starts at the beginning:

  • inventory of operations and processes
  • classification of risks and their impact
  • definition of prevention measures
  • implementation of prevention measures
  • definition of response strategies
  • implementation of response structures and processes
  • communication systems
  • evaluation

It is of the utmost importance that information is centralised, accurate and available, since all response decisions will be taken based on information at hand. Regular exercises will be an integral part of solid crisis management and crisis organisation. We cover the various aspects of crisis management and crisis organisation, from classification of risks to adequate response strategies. The advantages and benefits for the actors in a port are obvious:

  • Business continuity: customer service, revenue, profit
  • Reduction or elimination of the risks to have casualties
  • Maintain “good reputation”.

Why is this topic interesting and does it contribute to ports and the environment?

Since Port clusters are growing to become industrial clusters, their value in the logistics chain is growing, and their contribution to a country’s economy is vital. Ports cannot afford not to be prepared for a crisis or calamities. Experimenting or a trial and error approach when fighting a crisis is unacceptable. The only good practice is to be prepared and have strategies and systems implemented, tested and rehearsed before disaster strikes.

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