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Grow your company, manage change, expand your market share


General Management, Change Management

 Our passion is to inspire and manage teams, sales, operations, and processes.

Marketing and Sales

Developing and implementing business plans, strategies and innovation initiatives to achieve and deliver results.

Our focus is on growing market share in a sustainable way, keeping a close eye on margins and profit. 

Visuals, presentations, 3D designs

Development on convincing, understandable graphics and visuals to support the marketing and sales process.

Why Us

Trusted by Businesses for Over 30 Years

General Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Change Management. Technology Advice, Visuals to support product management and sales.

We are passionate about actively contributing to the bottom line, maintaining healthy margins and achieving a return on capital employed. We quickly understand the business of prospects and clients and decision processes, the critical factors to meeting customer requirements and understanding prospects‘ needs. 

With extensive experience and expertise in the international B2B market, having successfully managed complex sales processes, closed deals around the globe and realised projects to increase customer service, reduce costs and optimise organisations and their resources we are here to accompany you in realising your plan for growth. 

NB Solutions bv

Hands-on, realistic and practical advice based on industry best-practices. General Management, Marketing and Sales Management and Strategy Consulting for companies aiming at growth, challenge the “as is”, adapt and grow market share.

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