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Hands-on Consultancy and Management

NB Solutions (NBS) is a consulting and trading company. Industry best practices, common sense and focus on results are the driving forces behind NB Solutions. A common-sense approach, always keeping in mind the long-term strategy is how NB Solutions operates. NBS focuses on Sales Management, General Management, Interim Management, Sales Training and Coaching and the development of sales tools and visuals.


  • General Management
  • Sales Management
  • Project management
  • Product Management and innovation

Management assignments for longer periods and interim assignments are the specialty of  NB Solutions.


Solid project management in sales, management and implementation.

Strong and solid project management is the backbone of NB Solutions projects. In Sales, Sales Management, general management or the implementation of projects, systems or products,  in all cases solid project management is the basis.

Sales is strongly related with project management: the same questions need to be asked and the same steps need to be taken.  We strongly believe in  “simple and brillant project management”, and the competitive advantage of common sense, as described by Fergus O’Connell:

  • Most problems are simple, or can be split in simple steps.
  • Know exactly what you try to do
  • There is always a sequensen of events
  • Things do not het done if people don’t do them
  • The result is seldom as planned or expected
  • Things are or are not. Finishing a taks is binary. Things are finished or not.
  • Look at things from different perspectives
  • Do things within the shortest possible time.


Project management and sales have the same need for to-the-point communication: clear and direct, correct, accurate and on time. Visuals, graphs and dashboards support and enhance the communication. For NB Solutions sales, general management and product management are linked by project management and the  links are crystal clear. Worlds that seem to be, at first sight far apart, are closely linked and enhance each other.

This principle and this link are a guarantee to stay within scope and budget and to deliver results according to objectives and expectations. Do you want to learn about our vision on project management and the link between sales, general management and product management, and how visuals support these processes? Contact us for a meeting to discover how you can benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

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