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Sales, Sales management, Sales training and coaching

Hands-on sales

Need assistance for your sales force? NB Solutions has more than 20 years successful sales experience in the B2B market selling high value projects.

A strong, proven methodology and commercial intelligence, cultivated over the years, form the basis for a consultative sales strategy leading to deals.

Marketing and Sales Plans

Making a plan is a first step to reach objectives. A good template puts the focus on the things that matter to make the Marketing and Sales plan realistic and achievable.

Map customer requirements to develop better products.

Did you know that customers often have needs they cannot define or describe exactly. Developing proposals and suggestions, testing these with customers and prospects, comparing with the product offering of competitors is a solid basis for a solid product management. The product management team and the commercial team have as taks to investigate customer needs and to map customer requirements. Products are defined based on that requirement mapping.

Often we see great products being developed by a highly skilled technical team, but they do not (entirely) fit customers requirements. From the design phase on, design mistakes can be avoided, and the investment of resources can be deployed better to match customer requirements.

The requirements analysis can be supported by an in-depth market study. Together with you, we like to discuss our vision on product management and innovation. Correctly mapping customer requirements and needs is the basis for solid product management, solid sales and market penetration.

Sales Management

  • Are your sales people struggling to find the right balance between product training, cold calling, customer meetings, presentations and contract negotiations?
  • Are you sales people delivering below expectations?
  • Are you too busy to follow up on your sales team?

Does your team have a uniform consultative sales process in place? Do they stick to it?

NB Solutions can assist you and manage your sales team! Contact us now to learn about our approach!

Commercial audits

  • How is your sales team performing?
  • How is the team spirit? And what about the cooperation between sales managers and the internal sales department?
  • Are the targets met?
  • How does your sales staff perform during customer meetings, conferences and trade shows?
  • Do they use the sales tools you provide them with?

A lot of sales people like to talk and tell stories. They like to produce excuses to explain why they did not get the deal, rather than produce orders. You know these excuses: the price is too high, the customer does not have a budget, there are technical modifications needed, the lead time we are offering is too long, ….

NB Solutions will find the real reasons behind the story! Want to know how and why? Contact us now to find out!

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